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Any home remodeling project is a good remodeling project

As you know, owning a home comes with the responsibility to keep it functioning safely for your family. So now that the weekend is here why don’t you tackle some of those tasks before the big game gets started. Let’s get to work. [...click to continue reading...]

An estimate within a home remodeling project is similar to Cost verses Value

Obviously when you have a major remodeling project to complete, a residential roof to put on, or even a new custom home to build, homeowners generally will call for an estimate. While most owners tend to focus their attention to the price of each estimate … [...click to continue reading...]

home remodeling is a way to remodel your life

In many of our home remodeling projects we have homeowners doing some of the interior painting themselves. Often times this is the result of the owner wanting to save a little on budget, so they can spend a little more on the remodel elsewhere. Then others just want to get their hands dirty … [...click to continue reading...]

Weekend Remodel: Home remodeling can have you saving water

We often get asked if there are smaller home remodeling tasks that homeowners can complete that would have a significant impact on saving them money. A couple of those remodel tasks can be completed on a Saturday afternoon when there’s not a good game on. Think of it as … [...click to continue reading...]

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Home Remodeling: Preparing for an Appointment before new home bluerpints can be made

Building Dreams would love the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Your request for our free home remodeling consultation will allow us to listen to your construction needs prior to any new home blueprints being prepared. [...click to continue reading...]