Home Designs and Construction Practices Safeguard your Investment

by Building Dreams

Home Designs and Construction Practices Safeguard your Home Addition Investment

A Home Addition adds value and equity to your home

Construction Practices of Building Dreams

Your home addition project is an investment to your home and will affect your appraised value. This starts with having good home designs.

Repairs, maintenance, any major remodel or a home addition will certainly boost your resale profits if and when you sell.

As a professional residential building contractor, we believe our clients should have a well written contract that protects them and their home.

Business License

Licensing ensures you that Building Dreams and its subcontractors have met both State and Local legal requirements.

Surety Bonded

Bonding provides you the security of proper project completion of which is either a County or Local requirement.

As guests in your home, we often have your house key and are conscious of your families safety with tools.

Certificate of Insurance

Workers Compensation insures if a tradesman gets hurt at your home that their medical bills won’t be yours.

Our Business Liability insurance protects your home and your furniture against accidental damage.

Weather & Safety Protection Procedures

We maintain exits for your family in case of emergency. We maintain security from any new added space into your home to protect from a possible easy burglary (example temporary walls and insulation). We shield your house to minimize the risk from the elements of weather during construction.

Municipal Building Inspections

Building permits insures that our home designs and all of work will be safe, legal and in compliance with current building codes.

In ‘new’ construction, an occupancy permit allows your family to legally move in to your new dream space.

Building Contract

Our contract tells you exactly what work must be done prior to any construction payment being sent to us.

This contract also states a start and finish completion date.

Detailed Building Specifications

Specifications shows you exactly what work you are asking us to complete and with what materials we will use. This details everything about a home additon or any other type of project we being asked to complete.

With Owners “sweat equity”, our spec’ will also state any work you are wanting to do yourself to save on budget.

Written Change Orders

The price we quote you in our contract is what you will pay at the end – unless you request a written change to the building specifications. Many changes (i.e. choosing a final paint color, etc.) do not affect cost.

Computer Cadd System

Our in-house architectural home designs work can eliminate an outside design firm and its expensive add-on fees for you.

With our Retainer Agreement, we design your home addition or your dreams so that our fee can be credited to your project account.

Detailed Billing Statement and Invoices

Our easy to read statement shows all of your deposits, payments, charges and credits to date, including any material allowance balances.

Waiver of Liens

Very Important. A mechanic lien waiver gives your family the protection that all suppliers and tradesmen that have been to your home have been paid in full. This protects your property from otherwise false claims.

Financing Options

With our credit application completed, our financing resources can offer your family up to 100% financing.

Federal Disclosure

As required by law, we must inform you that you would have 3 days to cancel any written contract with us.

Lead Base Paint Disclosure

As required by law, we must inform you that you may or may not have lead base paint in your home and that we may or may not be disturbing that paint.

Emergency Contacts

In todays technology age, (cell phones, voice mail, email, texting and faxs) you can always get in contact with us.

Family Owned Home Addition and Home Designs Business since 1993

Our stability is insurance to complete your project and provide any warranty work that may appear.

Knowledge of BOCA, CABO, International Residential Building. Mechanical and National Electric Code.

This experience further protects your homes investment. Be sure our competitors notify you of your rights and supply you with the same detailed information above. Check out our Home Designs page for more information. We know we can service your building needs beyond your satisfaction. Lets get started today. You deserve your dreams to come true.

For more information on new home designs or a home addition, or to schedule an appointment to talk over your existing home additon plans, go to our contact page and tell us about your project.

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