Custom Home Builder and Designer

by Building Dreams

Working with a New Home Builder

As a residential new home builder, we plan big projects by first preparing a budget, a great blueprint, and well written detailed building specifications. Building Dreams takes the time to build your dreams on paper first – before any nails are ever pounded.

We have been a residential building specialist since 1993. We are a custom builder that builds upon your lot. Many different realtor’s can help you shop within the many different subdivisions scattered throughout the neighborhoods. They too can tell you the current interest rates on new home construction financing. Currently rates are good but qualifying is a bit tougher.

We design and build luxury homes using very detailed building specifications.As a custom new home builder and a specialist in home designs, we can take any existing floor plan that you may like and modify it giving it a fresh new look using the required local building codes. We take pride in designing all kinds of different home styles.

We believe that during this design phase is what gives the most fun to our clients. Don’t worry about all the material decisions you need to make. We help keep you focused on the overall objectives so that your budget and time constraints are met.

Construction Practices Safeguard your Investment

Working with a professional custom home builder gives you peace of mind. Our detailed building contract and specifications ensure the smallest of details will be well taken care of.

To help us understand what your new home will look like we need you to visualize to us what every room in your home looks like. Grab a piece of paper and start writing down everything you’d like to include in your home. This is the best way you can prepare for an appointment with our designer.

Our custom homes are designed with your budget in mind.Close your eyes and envision the foyer, staircase, kitchen, cabinetry, bathrooms, flooring, fireplace mantel, security, intercom, entertainment system, and a whole list of other building materials and design ideas. Write down on paper what you see as you visualize walking through your new home. This is a common practice that we use. Does the home have an open and vaulted feel with plenty of skylights and french doors? What does the exterior look like? Cedar siding, brick, stone and a maintenance free rear deck.

We believe the success of any custom home projects is found when communication is flowing freely. We strive to educate our clients to the building process and materials that they will be exposed to. We find that when we take the time to thoroughly detail out exactly what we are going to do, how we plan on going about it, the when, the where – alleviates many of the questions that would normally arise in your home. We don’t like surprises.

For more information About Us or to schedule an appointment with a custom home builder, go to our Call Building Dreamscontact page and tell us about your project.

Together, lets make your dreams come true. We want to be your new home builder for you and your family.