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Home Designs bring out your Character

When you and your family ultimately decide to hire a custom home builder to construct your home designs, this decision can be a little exciting and stressful. The unknown of what to expect during the planning and construction phases can be a bit overwhelming.

Realizing too, that any home is usually the biggest investment a family makes. So when tasked with creating basically your retirement villa, can seem like the decisions you make are so heavily weighted.

One builder tip that we can pass along is to keep yourself as organized as possible. Sure your friends and family will be envious of your accomplishments, but we need to help get you to that point. For starters, create folder with all of your ideas in it. We want you to write out as much detail as possible regarding what you envision in your home.

Remember, just because you can picture yourself walking around your entire new home – we as builders can’t yet see what you want. Having good communication between us is key to having a successful project. We want to hear you tell and show us what each room in the house looks like. Show us magazine pictures, material brochures and even your own personal sketches.

What a Custom Home Builder needs to know before starting any Home Designs

An example would be: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, where is the master bedroom in relation to the remaining other bedrooms, where is the laundry room located, what kind of flooring does each room have, does the fireplace have windows flanking it or does it have custom bookshelves alongside?

As a custom home builder, our purpose is two-fold. One, is to pass on the knowledge we need to accurately design your intentions with a great blueprint. And two, our cost when we put together our initial and final estimates tend to be a little sharper. When we don’t have to guess as to what we think you may want or like in your home, the costs tend to be cheaper. In other words, when we figure costs on items that we don’t really know if these items would be the final products, we tend to add in a little fudge factor, leaving room for adjustments later.

In closing, be sure to keep a well documented journal of all of your wants and desires. This will go a long way to keeping your house affordable and making certain your home is the show place you want it to be. Every builder loves the clients who know exactly what they want. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the knowledge, we will help point you to the materials and practices that you may like.

As a custom home builder, we really like clients who are up to that challenge. Building a home is a fun time with good communication. All of the decision you’ll have to make while working on the home designs may seem like thousands, but we’re here to help put it all together in bits and pieces so that it all is manageable.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, go to our contact page and tell us about your project.

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