How We Schedule Your Remodeling or Home Addition Project

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Creating a schedule is how we complete your 2nd story addition, home addition, or remodeling project.

Building a 2nd story Addition requires great Communication

As a home addition builder, our ability to effectively communicate with you is critical to our success. Like planning a big wedding, graduation party, or a golf outing, there are literally thousands of details to coordinate. For starters, we have a great remodeling system in place so that communication is easier. We take great pride in supplying our clients the knowledge required to bring a big project through to completion.

Since there can be hundreds of different companies, tradesmen, employees, building inspectors, architects, designers, material suppliers all involved in your remodeling project, our technique of controlling the environment and educating all to our desires is crucial. We use a Critical Path Schedule to coordinate the entire building process. This schedule keeps your project moving forward seamlessly in many directions all at the same time.

As perhaps there are many trades working on the interior remodeling of the home, there too can be different trades remodeling the exterior. Our office can be working on scheduling next week’s crews, or confirming material delivery dates, or finalizing finished product selections with the homeowners that we’ll use two months down the road.

Scheduling a 2nd Story Addition or Remodeling Project

Our schedule must also be flexible enough to adapt to conditions that alter the schedule. Sometimes crews are delayed coming into your project because of unforeseen circumstances on their previous jobs. Your materials can be delayed or even shorted, and we constantly have weather related issues to contend with. Rest assured, these are all common practices in a typical construction schedule and usually never extends the overall project beyond the intended completion date. We always plans for a few delays and pushes hard to stack trades when having to make up time.

One thing for certain is that our quality control will always take precedence over time. We want you and your family to enjoy our expert workmanship for years to come. Hiring us allows us to handle our schedule while you continue your other life responsibilities. Look around our website for great design ideas.

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