How to Remodel with Interior Paint

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home remodeling is a way to remodel your life

Home Remodeling ends with a good qualtiy paint job

In many of our home remodeling projects we have homeowners doing some of the interior painting themselves. Often times this is the result of the owner wanting to save a little on budget, so they can spend a little more elsewhere. Then others just want to get their hands dirty so they can tell their friends they have a little ‘sweat equity’ in their project.

Even if not doing any other home remodeling project, the simple task of putting on a fresh coat of paint to some of your rooms will make the home feel brand new again. Combine that with adding a bold splash of color on one wall of a room will really make your friends envious of your remodel creativity.

Cleaning before the Home Remodeling project starts

To start, be sure to clear out all of the contents of the room. Now’s the time to do that really good deep vacuuming you have been meaning to do. Cover the flooring with heavy duty drop cloths. Use painters tape to mask off baseboard, windows, door casings, electrical and hvac registers. The tape also works great when meeting up different colors to one another.

We always like a flat white painted ceiling to brighten the room and to hide any surface imperfections. The majority of the walls can be another flat color while making one wall the accent wall. It’s common practice among interior designers to have at least three different main colors in a room.

Having your older kids help paint or by throwing a painting remodel party with someone manning the grill is a good way to get assistance, not only with painting, but with moving the furniture. Have one knowledgeable person watching everyone and offering tips. Such as doing only one wall at a time, have someone brushing while another is rolling, and never leave off the drop cloths without first taking your shoes off.

Interior painting can be done when the weather outside isn’t perfect. It’s a great way to keep those winter blues away while doing a project that makes you feel good. By using a good latex paint you’ll be assured that cleanup is just as easy. Contact us if needing any other home remodeling advice. Enjoy.

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