Remodeling to Save Water and Lower Utility Bills

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Weekend Remodel: Home remodeling can have you saving water

Home Remodeling is the Key to adding Value to your Home

We often get asked if there are smaller home remodeling tasks that homeowners can complete that would have a significant impact on saving them money. A couple of those tasks can be completed on a Saturday afternoon when there’s not a good game on. Think of it as ‘sweat equity’ to maintain your house in peak condition.

Perhaps surprisingly, if you remodel and change out your old and outdated toilets and bathroom shower heads, you can save a significant amount of money. Each new water-saving toilet and shower head can save you hundreds of gallons of water each, per year. And as you already know, your sewer bill gets equally reduced as it is based on the amount of water you consume.

So before heading off to your favorite home improvement / remodeling store, make a quick list of the remodel materials you’ll need. I’ll assume you already have the basic tools of a small wrench and pliers. Look to see if you need new operable water shutoffs under each toilet. Measure the distance from the back drywall out to the bolts holding the toilet to the floor. New toilets generally come in a with a 10” or 12” rough-in.

Remodel on a Weekend

So for this remodel, you will need a few bath toilets with the same number of wax rings (to be placed under the toilet making a seal to the floor), new water supply lines to connect the toilet to the water shutoffs (don’t try and use the existing ones), and matching toilet seats.

Be sure to read the manufacturers installation instructions. Care must be taken when tightening all bolts so not to crack the fragile vitreous china. Also, when changing out the shower heads be sure to use a cloth or something between the wrench and the polished brass so not to mar or scratch the finish.

As you can see, remodeling to save money gives your house a new look that does not take a lot of skill, time or money. Your actions are also good for the environment as water consumption is always great. With the money you’ll save on this simple remodel project, you’ll be able to take your significant other out for a nice dinner … or consider yet another home remodeling project for next weekend.

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