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Any Estimate or Bid keeps the job running safely and smoothly

Any Estimate or Bid keeps the job running safely and smoothly

Now that you’ve decided to do a big home improvement project . . . what comes next?

For starters, the area around what is being transformed needs to be cleaned. We estimate that most furniture needs to be moved out and boxes packed. Valuables and wall hangings that could vibrate off the walls or be damaged need to be stored away.

We  also estimate that we will need lots of room for our construction vehicles, dumpsters, materials being delivered and some equipment. Because we start before 8:00 am most days, your vehicles need to be pulled out of the garage and driveway so not to get boxed in. We discuss and plan this with you prior to the start and during the entire job.

Family Safety During Construction

Most days of the project we will have many different crews going in and out of your home. They can be carpenters, plumbers, electricians and even building inspectors. Because of this, we either need you standing by for everyone’s access, or arrange a key or other acceptable means that you feel comfortable with. We discuss this with you early on in the bid process.

We’re also very concerned that children won’t be allowed near or around any construction traffic areas. Our pneumatic and power tools could look inviting to touch to unsupervised kids.

Depending too on the season or type of project we’re doing for you, we may estimate needing temporary interior walls for security and/or to contain heat or conditioned air for your family. When the remodeling involves the kitchen, we will always look to relocate your refrigerator, oven and even a temporary sink if logistics can be decided upon.

Taking the time upfront to estimate, bid, plan the entire job and all activities will lead to a successful project. As always, if you have any concerns during the project our office staff and your project manager are always reachable with emergency numbers.

We actually plans to educate you on the building process as well as making sure you have reasonably good time living through it all.

For more information or to schedule an estimate or bid to further discuss your ideas and your family safety, go to our Contact page and tell us about your project.

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