The Purpose of Building Codes

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Home builders can frame a 2nd story addition.

A 2nd Story Addition requires structural Building Codes

Home builders must always build per code. In other words, our 2nd story addition we build, or the major home addition, or smaller kitchen, bath or basement home remodeling projects must conform to a strict set of rules. These so-called ‘codes’ are in existence for the benefit of you, your family and all of your guests into your home. These codes are enforced by your local building inspectors through your local building department with permits and required inspections.

Specifically, building codes are written to help protect the general welfare and safety of anyone on your property. All general contractors, like Building Dreams, and each of our specialty tradesmen have their own set of codes to follow. They cover the types of materials we use during construction. Examples would be in the amount of fire protection, how much natural daylight enters each room, the required ventilation, the structural elements like concrete footings and steel I-beams. Additionally, your entire mechanical systems are regulated by codes. For obvious reasons the electrical system, water supply and sewage, and your heat and air-conditioning systems must perform safely and correctly to ensure a family’s safety. 

Home Builders Code Requirements for a 2nd Story Addition

Our building code books also help us determine how much insulation to put in the floor and wall surfaces, as well as the attic or roof. Plus it details how efficient the windows and doors must be to perform to today’s energy models. Green building and other energy conservation techniques are the wave of the future with regard to construction building practices.

As a professional contractor with strong ties to the National Association of Home Builders, we use a variety of very thick code books for research and use on every project. The books themselves can be quite complicated in its finite details and specifications. Many pages are ear-marked with corners turned down during both the design phase of a new project and during the actual construction of a home addition project.

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