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Custom House Floor Plans that fit your Lifestyle

Custom house floor plans are home designs and blueprints created using computer cad drafting. This computer design allows our imagination to create fantastic ideas – join in the construction fun! Call or email a time so we could talk and answer questions you may have. We have a no cost consultation to help you determine if adding on to your existing home is feasible to moving or building new.

Kitchen Expansions | Bathroom | Basement Remodeling | Exterior Decks | Major Room Addition

When remodeling or adding on a new home addition, we create architectural home designs that are cosmetically appeasing and mechanically functional.  Most importantly, these home building ideas must be done while maintaining or increasing the existing structural integrity. Building Dreams has an initial determining process, with our own residential architect, to help you determine if building on to an existing home, such as a second story addition . . . is a structurally sound idea.

The key to success is having great communication and having great home designs.How much does it cost?

There is a much over-rated rule-of-thumb to calculate costs based on finished square feet. With that, we have built additions from $60 up to $250/SF with the average being around $120. A problem with this method is that without final house floor plans . . . well, its just a guess. As some builders may just tell you what you want to hear, we prefer to actually spend a day actually figuring total material and labor costs for you . . . so not a guess . . . but a logical and quantifiable estimate that can be easily adjusted as the plan is further developed. The overall size and finished materials play an important role in determining costs. Please, don’t get carried away shopping for the best ‘square footage cost’ unless you also shopped the best ‘cost per pound’ of the last car you bought. 

Can I recoup my costs when I sell?

In most all cases yes. Especially with great home designs leading the way. Most house floor plans can return at least 80% or better with 7 years. After you complete your big project your neighbors houses will continue to increase in value catching up closer with yours. However in five years from now, your home appreciated at a much faster rate (construction costs) and potential buyers will certainly be more interested in your property than that of a smaller neighboring house that needs updating. 

Home designs created for structural and architectural elements.Can your architectural ideas actually give me what I want?

Surprisingly, after we initially listen to your ideas and dreams, we often come up with several options and designs that take your drawings to the next level. Interesting too, home plans with a cathedral ceiling wouldn’t add anything to your budget. Sure we need bigger roof rafters for structure and insulation . . . but we don’t have the material and labor involved with placing  flat ceiling joists. 

How long will the project last?

A project can take a couple of months to create great home designs and a blueprint; prepare the written contract & building specifications; receive final financing approval and obtain all the necessary municipal permits. From there, a large scale project can take anywhere from three to five months. Often times a bigger home remodeling or home addition project progresses slower than normal new home construction. This is because work progresses in sometimes smaller stages to allow the homeowners family to continually live on the premises. We can’t tear up every room in the house at the same time or do away with heat, air and plumbing facilities. 

Can I do some work myself to help save on costs?

Absolutely. In fact, we believe in a little ‘sweat equity’ to save on budget. We can write these tasks into our house floor plans and specifications. We state exactly what you’ll be doing toward your home design. We also give instructions on how we expect it to be done, the materials you will use, and a time factor to complete it all.

Painting yourself can go toward saving on your budget.

Creating Home Designs & House Floor Plans is what we enjoy doing

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