A Home Addition can Double your Space

by Building Dreams

Custom Room Additions or Adding a Dormer

Our niche has always been designing and building room additions. These can be placed in the rear of the home, the side or up over the top. We bring our education,  experience and professionalism to work for you.

A Second Story Addition is the most popular

Not only can a full 2nd story addition add numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, but the overall cost makes it the most economical. We always say that it is cheaper to build UP than it is to build OUT. However, a big concern of ours is making sure the existing home is, and remains structurally sound.

Additionally, we are very focused on the architectural aesthetics of the homes exterior profiles. We want our room additions to look like they were part of the original house as much as possible.

Designing and building these types of projects is always an exciting time. We have to figure out how and where to bring up the mechanicals, as well as where to locate the new staircase.

We use an in-house architectural design professional. Our field visits first measure your entire existing home. We then enter that information into our computer cad system so we can start working on new designs. It is not uncommon for us to take many interior and exterior photographs of your existing space so that we can visualize the new design better.

Structural calculations & cosmetic blending old spaces to new.

Open designs, floating staircases, bank of skylights, wall of windows & custom trim ideas.

Building a roof dormer or home addition project takes careful planning.Roof Dormer Addition

Master suites & walk-in closets can fill that unusable attic area.

Many times the staircase is already in place.

A Dormer is often the best place to pick up an additional shower.

An additional bathroom . . . now tell me . . . that would be nice.

Rear or Side Yard

Most common use is the in-law suite.

Spectacular family room home addition or a sunlit music room.

Spectacular billiard & media room customizations.

Options are a 2nd story addition over a new 1st level and new basement. Two story additions built over a new concrete crawlspace or full basement provides great storage for grandmas things.

Home Designs

Home designs using computer cadd drafting for major room additions. Building a second story addition or adding a home addition dormer will add lots of value to your home.Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) makes seeing your 2nd story addition and dreams easier. From floor plans, finished elevations and a host of structural and mechanical layouts ensuring things get built on paper first so that costs are kept to a minimum.

Most of our projects have you remaining in the home during construction with some modifications such as temporary walls for safety, security & heat/air containment. We prepare all the necessary municipal blueprints with a residential architect who can take your dreams and make them into reality.

Email your ideas and we will be glad to meet for a consultation to walk through your home and meet your family.

We are your professional construction management contractor specializing in room additions.

For more information About Us or to schedule an appointment to plan your project, go to our Call Building Dreams contact page and tell us about your project.

We too, have many 2nd story addition payment options and a great system to keep your home addition project on schedule.