Is Cost Really that Important?

by Building Dreams

An estimate within a home remodeling project is similar to Cost verses Value

An Estimate reveals other factors besides Cost

Obviously when you have a major home remodeling project to complete, a residential roof to put on, or even a new custom home to build, homeowners generally will call for a an estimate. While most owners tend to focus their attention to the price of each estimate, there are other more important factors to consider.

For starters, everyone knows that all remodeling contractors must have proper licensing and insurance requirements to protect your home during the construction process. However, are you aware that measuring a contractor’s skill set to see if they’re even qualified to do your work can actually be very simple for you?

How to read a Home Remodeling estimate

Regardless of whether or not you know how to build yourself, or what materials are called or needed, a contractors written specs and estimate can tell you an awful lot about the attention they’ll bring your job. For instance, our Building Specifications is like a book. It is full of details that tell you what were building, how were building it, what materials we’ll use, what colors they are … and when applicable, what were ‘not’ doing or what is ‘not’ included. These specs are not a simple half page effort on our part they are usually a dozen pages packed full of information. No remodeling project or estimate should be lacking these details.

Home Remodeling Schedules

Another major item to consider is the schedule. What good does a fair price, insurance and specs do if a trade is incapable of finishing the job. We use the latest in computer scheduling software to ensure your job will be run as smoothly as possible. Items are not overlooked nor missing from our estimate. Things are rarely ever missed and the total coordination runs near to ‘clock work’ as possible.

A good schedule ties job progressions with your installment payments. As an example: 30 days to complete excavation and concrete foundation walls; payment is due upon approved building inspection. Scheduling is important because in a large home design projects there are literally hundreds of people and details to coordinate. We strongly believe that communication is the key to having your project getting completed in a highly professional manner possible.

To discuss your upcoming home remodeling project, simply call or email our office. We will be happy to give you a free estimate.

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