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Any home remodeling project is a good remodeling project

Home Remodeling can be small DIY weekend projects

As you know, owning a home comes with the responsibility to keep it functioning safely for your family. So now that the weekend is here why don’t you tackle some of those tasks before the big game gets started. Let’s get to work.

Thinking about safety, any home builder wants to ensure that you have a working smoke detector in every room of your house (not the kitchen unless you plan on using it as an alarm when dinner is ready). For obvious reasons having those types of detectors that are run both on your electrical current as well as a battery is ideal. However, just having the units that are strictly battery operated is far better than having none at all. The units with the little halogen lights would also really help to see through the smoke if ever the issue arises.

Home Remodeling can keep your Family Safe

My home has 14 smoke detectors and several fire extinguishers. To me this was a very worthy investment. To mount them all you’ll just need a small drill, plastic molly’s if mounting into drywall (and not studs) and a screwdriver. This may require a quick trip down to your big home improvement store. While you’re there, be sure to pick up a couple carbon monoxide detectors to put in your laundry and mechanical rooms. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions, especially when considering locations in the rooms to mount them.

Before heading out to the store, check to see the size of furnace filter you have as well as the humidifier filter. These are mounted on the side of your furnace ductwork. Both of the filters should be cleaned or replaced twice a year. Since we’re talking about filters, be sure to replace that old water/ice filter in the refrigerator.

Now for some quick outside chores: Clean those dirty windows and hose down those insect screens out in the yard. Then too, grab your ladder and clean out your entire gutter system. We want to remove all the leaves that are clogging up the downspouts. This is important so you don’t have water, snow and ice building up on your roof which would cause major damage to your walls and ceilings inside.

As you can see, these home remodeling chores only require a few hours of your time and not much money. You will also feel better knowing that your family is safer at night with those detectors monitoring your home while everyone sleeps. This is what’s called putting in a little sweat equity into your home.

Next step is to grab some drinks and snacks and head off to the family room relaxing while enjoying the game.

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