An estimate within a home remodeling project is similar to Cost verses Value

Obviously when you have a major remodeling project to complete, a residential roof to put on, or even a new custom home to build, homeowners generally will call for an estimate. While most owners tend to focus their attention to the price of each estimate … [ to continue reading...]

Home Builder Insights

by Building Dreams

A custom home builder with new home designs make your dreams come true.

When you and your family ultimately decide to hire a custom home builder to construct your home designs, this decision can be a little exciting and stressful. The unknown of what to expect during the planning and construction phases can seem a bit overwhelming. Realizing too … [ to continue reading...]

Any Estimate or Bid keeps the job running safely and smoothly

Now that the estimate and bid phase is behind you in regard to you’re big home improvement project . . . what comes next? For starters, the area around what is being transformed needs to be cleaned. Furniture needs to be moved out and boxes packed. Valuables and wall hangings that could vibrate off the walls need … [ to continue reading...]