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Because most shingle roofs wear out from heat verses just weathering away, it is critical to determine if your roof has the proper ventilation required to keep your new shingles looking good well past the warranty period. Obviously the sun creates a lot of heat that any new roof absorbs. Then too many styles of roofing materials do indeed hold up better than others. Out in California, Arizona or Florida we see a lot of clay roofing to fend against the extreme heat. In our Midwest not only do we the sun and heat to worry about, but the equally abrasive winter. Snow and ice can really damage a rooftop.  However when we spoke earlier of heat, we mean the heat building up in the attic. When looking at an old shingle roof, if the corners of the shingles are curling upward than that is a sign that there is too much heat accumulating in the attic. In this case the roof is actually wearing out from the interior. This may sound strange but is actually the most common type of failure leading to having to replace the shingles.  Unfortunately, not only does this oftentimes where out the shingles but can also damage the plywood roof sheathing.  Excessive moisture and humidity in the attic causes the sheathing to delaminate, get soft and even can cause mold issues.  This will lead to a bigger unnecessary expense. The easiest cure is rather simple. We must make sure the roof is properly vented. This is done with roof vents, ridge vents, soffit vents and power vents. Because the sun is heating up your attic like an oven we want the air to circulate. The added bonus is that your air conditioning doesn’t have to work nearly as hard when you don’t have all that heat pushing down into your rooms.